Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Staying Fit

Frequent skiing means staying fit. Almost all of my geezer skier friends have a fitness regimen adapted to their life style. Each one has a unique routine of exercise developed to meet their special needs. Ideally we all should have a physical fitness program that includes strength exercises, aerobics, and flexibility work. Some go to the gym and work with a trainer; others have developed a series of at home exercises and some like myself take a more relaxed approach or engage in group games such as volleyball.

My fitness regimen is mostly one of staying active every day with some kind of physical activity. This varies from season to season. During the ski season on the slope work is the main thing I do for approximately six out of seven days. Usually I will throw in one and half hours of doubles tennis one day of the week. (This gives me aerobics that I don't get with skiing). I am not into strength or flexibility exercises so perhaps I better work on that. During the off season I enjoy tennis almost every day which forces both aerobics and mobility. And the fall back activity when all other venues fail is to walk briskly throughout the neighborhood for an hour. Fortunately the physicians seem to agree that the best thing you can do is to every day engage some kind of physical activity as simple as walking up the stairs, parking farther away from the store to increase your walking distance and even walking the dog.

Healthy geezer hood takes some effort but the quality of life payoff is great. Stay fit my friends.

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