Friday, February 12, 2010


If you ski at an area for many days of the season you sense the rhythms of of the ski community. Each of the days of the week have a unique character. Monday through Wednesday things are low key with the geezer and other regulars the mainstay of the skiers. As the weekend approaches the skier population picks up and Friday brings out larger crowds. Weekends also have their own special character. An early start of the ski day changes the dynamics and the weekend crowd builds from early morning to a max in early afternoon. Many of my geezer buddies avoid the weekends. However, I enjoy the different character of the skier group and the conversations with the weekenders who have a different take on the ski area.

Holiday weeks bring in another type of crowd and the area bustles with the vacationers. Mostly this is a young crowd by my standards. There are young families that thoroughly enjoy their time off from school and other responsibilities. So with President's week coming on, we will be experiencing the excitement of those who have limited opportunity to ski. I am looking forward to skiing on Monday with daughter Yo and fiance Matt from Long Island. They only get to ski a few days a year so this will be a special time. They are percussionists so they are experts on rhythm.

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