Sunday, February 14, 2010


Geezer skiers that I talk with on a daily basis have a history of many accomplishments beyond their skiing prowess. All have had satisfying careers, businesses or other successful endeavors in their lives. I suppose that all us also like to think that we have done some notable thing or things in our lives that we will be remembered for. Several of my colleagues have done some remarkable things. Allen B. for instance was an innovative designer with the Ford Motor Company. Frank B. and his associates created over a two year period a perfect model of a C-54 airplane with meticulous detail and in his later years has created a remarkably successful company. Roger P. continues to be a fixed wing pilot as well as able to fly helicopters.

Beyond the accomplishments, however, I think we all wish to be recognized as people who have been upright and contributing members of society and cared for our families. And now in our later years we get to relax and enjoy the fruits of our labor.

By the way geezer skiers if you still need to keep accomplishing things, try your skills at the Geezer Games that are held in Wyoming each year. You can ski the slalom, downhill and GS courses against your peers. Who knows you may be a gold medal winner too. (Meanwhile you can watch the Olympics and fantasize your way down the skiing courses).

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