Monday, July 8, 2019

The Optimum A

    I read a New York Times article today touting the idea to strive for the good not the perfect.   It makes me think about my efforts to be a better skier.  Among our geezer skier group we often kick around ideas and suggestions to perfect our skiing.  One would think after all the years on the slopes we would give up on the idea of being perfect.   I guess not true.   Perhaps we need to back off on the idea of perfection,  forget about all those little adjustments of technique and enjoy being good at it.    That ought to be the goal.
     The article also reminded me of my graduate studies at Iowa State University in the 1960's.   Our group was always striving to be "perfect" in our studies.   That was the aim to ace every test and succeed at the highest level in all courses.  Ultimately we discovered we did not have the time or energy to ace everything.  The bottom line became getting the "Optimum A" in a course.   That was doing just enough to get an A grade and no more!  Except for one course I am happy to say it worked for me!