Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Day at Snowbasin

Yesterday was a magnificent day at Snowbasin. After an hour's drive from Salt Lake City we arrived in beautiful sunlight with super snow conditions. The Earl Lodge is a magnificent structure with a classy interior including carpet, chandeliers and huge stone fire places. After of quick breakfast we were soon on our way up the slope in a gondola holding as much as eight people.
Colin and family started me off with a quick tour of the intermediate trails off the Needles Express Gondola.
We toured over to the Strawberry Peak area which has its own gondola lift serving some stellar intermediate terrain. Snowbasin in my opinion has a plethora of intermediate trails top to bottom that would appeal to the more senior geezer skier. If you are inclined to have more challenge there are reasonable black diamond drop offs from the intermediate trails. These short traverses then connect with the intermediate terrain.

The family took off for more challenging terrain and I continued to enjoy exploring as many of the intermediate trails I could find. Occasionally found myself in some more challenging terrain but with the great light and snow they also were fun.

Met several interesting people on the gondola rides including a couple from Dusseldorf Germany, Phil (vacationer who once lived in Rome, New York), Ilsa and Warren (80+s from back East). Also met some locals who have the pleasure of being there almost every day. My tough old geezer badge brought smiles from a lot of people and is a great conversation starter.

Apparently the 70+ club was having a day at Snowbasin so the average age of the skiers was significantly higher. We stayed for the last ride on the gondola and I still had some gas left for the final ride down the mountain.

I probably had my best day of skiing at Snowbasin. Looking forward to a smooth travel day.
A fabulous ski vacation but ready to go home.
Pictures will be posted after I get home.

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