Friday, September 23, 2022

Rapid Change - The Equinox

   Never get too complacent!  In a flash things can change! My wife and I thought we would escape the Covid virus since we were well vaccinated and quite careful about out exposure in public.  Last week that changed with Nancy coming down with Covid first followed by myself a few days later.   Gratefully we are both nearly 100% recovered.    It was a change in our routine we didn't anticipate.

    Today, however there is a change in the seasons that is predictable.  It is the Autumn equinox.   Equal day and night length.    At this juncture we will be sliding into shorter days.   Leading up to this time and beyond for a while, we are in the period of most rapid changes in the day length.   For Math geeks it is a matter of maximum slope on a sine wave!     Beyond math I alway notice the change of seasons by the change of the angle of the sun filling my windows each morning.  Perhaps growing up on a farm where weather was a big factor in our success raised my sensitivity to my environment.  

    I know that there is a stereotypical view that senior folks are opposed to change.   I have no desire to be labelled that way.   That said, I do like certain routines but there is nothing wrong with tweaking or even abruptly changing things to bring a refreshing view to ones world.   Looking forward to an Autumn of brilliant colors, crisp morning air and the transition to ski season in December.