Monday, May 30, 2022

Tiny Soft Hands

     On this Memorial Day weekend we were entertained by the visit of two grandsons and their parents.  A wonderful time to gather and engage in some family activities.   Grandsons aged two and six enjoyed an outing at the Ithaca, New York ScienceCenter escorted by Poppa (me) and father Matt.  There were a plethora of creative play choices centered around science and engineering!   Fascinating for me as well as them.

    On the next day we had ample opportunity to bike ride together and use a lot of sidewalk chalk on the driveway and our basement concrete floor.  

    Today we enjoyed a tennis outing combined with a bit of exploring the SUNY Cortland athletic facilities on a walk.  Around all of this there were additional  trips for mini golf and ice cream.

    Here is what I am leading up to.   While walking on the SUNY Cortland campus, I had the opportunity to be hand in hand with two year old Finnian!  Any time this happens with a very independent child is a gift.  Holding his hand I was deeply moved by this tiny soft hand.   It is amazing how touch is such a vital part of our life.   Also this experience moves one to consider how both vulnerable and trusting our children and grandchildren are.

    On a sadder note Memorial Day reminds me of the horrible losses that have occurred by shootings these past few weeks.    The anguish of the parents that have lost their children wrenches my heart and soul.  As my youngest grandchildren grow and continue their schooling, I fear that this nation will continue on a path to destruction of norms that my childhood upheld.    When will this insanity end?

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