Thursday, November 30, 2023


    As I was coming back from putting the garbage out this morning I was blessed with a low flying flight of geese highlighted against a beautiful blue sky. They were in a ragged vee formation and the morning was filled with sound of their honking.   I understand that geese honk to encourage each other and the formation reduces air drag on the followers of the leaders.  Also  I think the leaders fall back as they tire and new leaders take their place.  What a wonderful example of group cooperation and encouragement.

    From this observation, I am led to thinking about the encouragement I have had from family, friends and groups that I have associated with.  In a few moments I will be going to our Greek Peak Geezer Skiers more or less monthly lunch.  Our group is quite informal, but somehow the task of initiating our lunch outings has fallen to me.   I do not mind the task but recognize the time will come to pass the baton to the next leader.  Meanwhile, I am happy to be the de facto leader since the group has continued to encourage me.   

    With the new ski season essentially upon us, I happy to say my wife, friends and geezer associate are encouraging me to keep at it.  As always in my later senior years, I have some trepidation that I still have the skills to continue an activity that has been so much of my life since I retired.  Okay.  As long as I can do it I'll be hitting the slopes. Maybe I need a honker buddy by my side to show me the way.