Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Cycle of Life

     Friday I attended the graduation of grandson Cole from RIT.   A delight to see this young man launched into the world with a good education and opportunities galore.  Delighted that he already has a great job with a company building components for the next space telescope.  A wonderful opportunity to contribute to exploration of the universe and perhaps a metaphor for the explorations he will do in his life.   Sixty six years ago when I graduated in 1957 from Cornell University we were in the early stages of the space age.  Sputnik had not yet been launched but was soon to enter the scene to spur the competitive spirits of USA and USSR.

    So it is with the generations in the cycle of life.   We accomplish milestones in our cycle of life that keeps repeating itself century by century.   I can only speculate what the next 66 years might bring for Cole.   Just as my life has had  ups and downs, I am sure he will have both successes and failures.   However, whatever happens he will be a participant in the cycle of life contributing his piece to humankind's survival and progress.  The world turns and we make our mark in it in our own way.  Let's hope we end up contributing to the greater good.