Sunday, January 31, 2010

Skiing the Steeps

The most recent issue of Skiing Magazine has an article entitled "Conquer Any Run - Steeps Made Easy". Full of interesting commentary on how to ski the steeps. Perhaps the thing that amused me most about the article was the advice about falling. First the advice was - don't fall!! From there it went on to give advice on what to do if you do fall. One - don't lose your skis. Two- if you do lose your skis dig in with what ever appendage you have available. Three- if you are going head first, turn around to a feet first position.

As I reflect on the prospect of skiing steeps of the nature described in the magazine article, I am inclined to say I don't need to take the risk of maiming myself on the steeps that they are describing. I have reached an age where I am prepared to use my senior wisdom to manage the level of risk I am willing to take. On a good bright day with forgiving snow I am prepared to get a bit more excitement in skiing the black diamonds. But for the most part, I am happy to ski the slopes that offer me a good ride with assurance I can handle the conditions. Living within my limitations is fine with me so that I'll be back for another day on the slopes. I am looking forward to achieving the goal of skiing into my 90's. Lord willing that I live that long!

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