Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Technological Revolution -A Boon or Curse?

   For those of us who have lived 80 years or more, we have seen amazing advances in technology.   I grew up with no telephone, no central heat and no indoor plumbing.   As a kid I remember the comic strip Dick Tracy with the futuristic wrist radio.  Today we have the iWatch and the Android equivalent capable of a whole spectrum of uses.
    For the most part I love the data I get with the technological toys of today.  My auto display tells me my miles per gallon, time travelled and average speed for every trip, large or small,  I take.   I have a weather station connected to the Internet.  Any where I am in the world I can bring up the current weather at my home as well as the minute by minute record of the past weather.  
    As a skier, I am thrilled to know that my skis, bindings,  outdoor clothing  and helmets will continue to improve.  And it is nice to know you can get an App that to track your vertical on any ski day.
    So when does all this technological advancement become a curse?    It seems like one or another of my devices will have a glitch that needs attention.  Almost every day I am dealing with issues with my smart phone, iPad, iMac, PC, Apple TV etc.   In some respects I am addicted to E-mail, texting, and Facebook.   Fortunately, I think I have come to grips with enough is enough!  
    For approximately a year I had been using my Kindle App on my iPad to read books.  It's a convenient way to access books.  However, recently, I have rebelled.   I am now enjoying the feel of a hard cover book in my hands.   Very satisfying to turn the pages, mark the progress with a bookmark and consume the content in the old-fashioned way.   And although it is convenient to text the children to keep in contact, face to face conversation is so much better.
    Ski season is but a few months away.  A great time to spend less time gazing at screen.   Though most of the geezer skiers have their smart phones handy at coffee break, it would be rude to have those devices interfere with the camaraderie of that time.