Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Skiers and Guns?

   On the recent anniversary of the Las Vegas massacre I am reminded how tragic it is that assault weapons are a ubiquitous part of our society.  At one time they were in my mind appropriately banned.  They are weapons of war not recreational devices for civil society.   I say this in view of my past life as a hunter growing up using rifles and shotguns to stalk game.  I had safety training at an early age and drilled in my psyche, was never point your gun at any person! 
     So it is a dilemma for me that one needs a gun if they are not hunter or a marksman.   The thought of living in a society where everyone is packing either concealed or otherwise abhors me.   To me that is living in fear!   I recognize many people in the USA have a different view.   However, what a price we pay in lives snuffed out by enraged gunmen and also so many gunshot injuries.   As a nation statistics show rampant loss of life and limb compared other countries with stricter gun control.   Statistics do not lie.  I am blessed to have not lost a loved one from gun violence.  However a high school classmate has lived most of his life with mental handicap from careless use of a pistol. 
    If you have read this far you probably are wondering how this connects with skiing?   Well, I am not sure either.   I would like to speculate that those of us who enjoy skiing are less likely to have the need to own an assault weapon or pack a pistol.   After all we already have some ski poles!   If we have a conflict we can duel with our ski poles!   Wouldn't that be a much better society?  I guarantee taking out our aggressions  with ski poles would result in far fewer deaths.