Monday, September 3, 2018

More Than A Geezer Skier- Honoring Achievement

      In a gathering of geezer skiers it would seem that the only thing that matters is skiing.  However in their other life these geezers have contributed to society in a multitude of ways.  They have been teachers, craftsmen, businessmen and workers is a variety of professions.
     Last week I had the privilege of attending a ribbon cutting ceremony for a new building for a business owned by my friend Frank Bonamie.  His pallet company supplies pallets for business throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.   His clients include such giants as Coca-Cola and Walmart.   His special proprietary software tracks pallets from birth to death saving costs throughout their use. 
      Frank has Native American heritage connected to the Cayugas.   During the ribbon cutting ceremony speakers included area development advocates and a Native American chief providing an impressive and moving Native American blessing.  This ceremony marks 40 years of business that has grown  from operating in a small garage to the magnificent new facility.
      In addition to the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony this was a 90th birthday celebration for Frank.   We sang Happy Birthday and extended our best wishes to this legendary figure.  We were delighted to celebrate the success of his endeavors. 
     In closing, it is an honor to acknowledge his generosity toward his friends, his employees as well as his philanthropy in supporting Cornell University and the Native American Studies at that institution.
       Here are a few of the photos for this grand occasion.  Although Frank missed most of last season on the slopes we have enjoyed his company at geezer coffee hours and lunches.  All the best for the next season.
Ribbon Cutting 


Birthday Picture Collage Gift

Favorite Saying- Dealing With Adversity

Frank Cutting His Cake

One of His Long Haul Trucks