Saturday, February 27, 2016

Sixth Annual Geezer Skiers Luncheon

     Another annual geezer skiers luncheon is in the books.  Yesterday at Hope Lodge Greek Peak Resort we celebrated another season of skiing, coffee breaks, and shared wild stories.  Although attendance was less than last year, we would like to think that quality beats out quantity.
   The combined memory of our group exceeds hundreds of years of skiing experience and by all standards this season had to be the most unusual season we have ever weathered.   And weather is certainly the operative word.   The wild cycling between snow rain, warm cold has been devastating.   Ski conditions have challenged the most intrepid geezer.  In summary, most of us have skied about half the number of days we normally would.
  In reference to the above, it is fitting that WBNG-TV interviewed many of our tough old geezer skiers on our luncheon day.  They even outfitted some with GoPro cameras.  Haven't seen the footage, but it should be interesting.  Unfortunately this geezer was out of commission with a bad back and couldn't participate.  An especially big disappointment since lead reporter, Haley McCrory, wife of my grandson Tamdan was in charge.
    So back to the luncheon.   The buffet was great.  Plenty to eat.  For the program our esteemed MC Larry Monheim kept us on track with a joke or two. Skiing related of course.    The First Flake Award  was  bestowed on Andy Moyer in honor of consistently being the first geezer in the locker room each morning.   (Someone has to take attendance!)   Wes Kryger, President of Greek Peak brought us up to date on the progress of the business and plans for the future.  Geezer feed back and suggestions for improvements on the hill completed the event.  
   One can only be honest in noting this season had to be one of the worst in history.  We are truly at the mercy of weather.  I grew up on a farm and as a child experienced boom or bust years in agriculture.  The ski business similar.
Here is a joke related to farming:
A farmer inherits a million dollars.  A neighbor asks him how long he intends to farm?  Answer:   Until the million dollars is gone.   I guess the Greek Peak owners hope that this doesn't happen to their investment.
   So, as tough old geezer skiers, we will look forward with optimism for a splendid 2016-2017 season.