Monday, February 20, 2012

Keeping Warm

     Keeping warm on the ski slope is easy if you have the right gear and dress appropriately.   In other locations it is not as easy to be comfortable.   That was true for our geezer coffee break this morning.   Our table was near an open exit door that served as a funnel for a cold breeze.   Andy and I are follicularly challenged and so we were suffering  with rapid head cooling.   We tried closing the the door but discovered it was propped open for safety reasons.   So we had to improvise.   The picture below illustrates our solution.   I really like Andy's babushka!
Gerry and Andy - See Open Door  Background Right

Friday, February 17, 2012

Gaggle of Geezers

  The sunshine of this day inspired a gaggle of geezers to appear on the slopes.   (By the way a gaggle applies to a group of geese not in flight.   So I guess the fact that the geezer skiers probably no longer "catch air" while skiing makes them qualify for the gaggle description.)
       It was an absolutely beautiful morning.   Sparkling snow, blue skies and bright sunshine welcomed us to the lift at 9:30 AM.   Although there were many geezers nearly first in line, there were many of the early President's week vacationers on site as well.   It was a day of great fun on the hill and an immense gathering for a coffee break.   All in all a great day to  be alive.
A Beautiful Morning

A Gaggle of Geezers
Bob, Pat,Tony, Roger,Andy, Larry and Pete

A Gaggle of Coffee Drinkers

Nita and Pret - Our Heroes
   It has also been a special day for me with the arrival of my first great-grandchild Keelin Sue McCrory born at 4:40 PM.   I must qualify now as a double geezer!
Great-Granddaughter Keelin Sue McCrory - 4 lb 15 oz

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Geezer Guides the Youngsters

   Daughter Victoria and husband Matt usually join me for a ski day at Greek Peak at least once a year. Friday was our day to enjoy a family time on the ski slopes.   Viki and Matt live outside our snow belt on Long Island so their ski events occur only a few times a year.   I am amazed how quickly they come up to speed with their skiing.   Viki learned to ski at Greek Peak with the 1-2-3 program when she was about 13.   Matt, who was a hockey player adapted to skiing only a few years ago and has progressed to a capable parallel skier for any of the slopes at Greek Peak.   Viki is an accomplished carver and I expect Matt will reach that point with more practice.  
    Our outing started a little later than I am used to but we did get in eight runs before a coffee, hot chocolate and snack break.   We were soon out on the slopes again.   I was prepared to stay as long as they were full of energy to keep going.   We ended up skiing all the slopes several times and about the time I was ready to take a break their ski legs were beginning to tire.   It was an especially great time together with excellent snow conditions and moderate winter temperatures.   We even had some sun to light our way.
    My youngest daughter Victoria arrived when I was 50 years old so I find myself especially blessed that I am able to ski with her in geezerhood.   I doubt whether I will be around to ski with her children but one never knows.   Pret Goslee of Cortland is still on the ski slopes at 92 so there is at least one example of skier longevity.
    As one ages, the special days with family are precious.   It is a reminder to enjoy every family outing to the maximum.   (Today was also a grandchild's birthday party too).   And I still get respect and appreciation as the guide on the slopes.
Gerry, Viki, Matt

Thank Heavens for Snow Making

Obviously Closed?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Play Date for Geezer Skiers

   I am aware that many of my toddler and somewhat older preschool grandchildren have play dates with their friends.   They get together for games and activities, have snacks and lunches and sometimes have naps.   At the risk of offending my geezer friends, I would liken our day at Toggenburg ski area as a play date for geezer skiers.
   Seven  of us gathered at Toggenburg today to play on the slopes, drink some coffee,  eat a great lunch and swap stories (and lies?) for a enjoyable day.   The ski conditions were superb and the early morning sun brightened our path down the hill.   Everyone had a joke or story to tell.   The conversation was free flowing with each person making a unique contribution.
  The Toggenburg staff and management were  cordially welcoming and in many ways treated us like royalty.   Our lunch at the Foggy Goggle restaurant was superb in food quantity and quality and excellent service. ( I regret that I didn't take a photo of our lunches like my son or daughter would do on one of their adventures).  The food presentation was as pleasing as the quality of the food.
   Some of our group were ready for a nap on the ride home.   Toddlers and geezer have a lot in common.   We all agreed that we heartily recommend any skier to enjoy pleasant and economical days of skiing and eating at Toggenburg.

Back Row: Bob, Andy, Roger, Dick, Larry, and Pat
Center: Gerry

Larry and Pat - Post Coffee Break

Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Fun

  Another Super Bowl has is history.  Like millions of other Americans I watched the game, ads and half time show and enjoyed it all.   All of it was hyped to be "super" activities.  Probably most of us were super consumers of drinks and snacks too.   When I stepped on the scales this morning I was shocked by my super increase in weight.

Fireman's Games
    There are many ways to have "super fun".   Saturday the Fireman's Association of New York State had their winter games at Greek Peak.   Firemen in their full turn out gear competed in a number of events.    One of the events was a timed pull of a snow maker on  a sled.   See below.   Although they had to put out a lot of energy they truly enjoyed a demonstration of their machismo.   Hats off to these guys and gals of both the volunteer and paid ilk who sometimes risk their lives to save people and property.   I am proud of one of my sons-in-law who contributes to their number.
Gerry, Larry and Andy
Roger, Larry and Andy
   Today was a super fun day on the ski slope.   Although we have suffered  a serious lack of natural snow this winter, the Greek Peak crew has manage to provide some pretty good skiing.   Today was especially great with excellently groomed trails.   Along with the excellent spring like snow conditions we enjoyed magnificent bright sun, cloudless blue skies and no wind.   Many of the geezers were present  and we skied many more runs than usual.   I even hung out until mid afternoon.   Perhaps the photos  capture the essence of the super fun of the day.  Lots of laughs and great conversation.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Adapting to Challenges

  The past week has been  Winter Challenge Week for the Greek Peak Adaptive Snowsports Program.   The Greek Peak Adaptive Snowsports program enables amputees, blind and other challenged persons to learn to ski and ride the hill.    For this geezer who enjoys each day of skiing and the thrill of swooping down the mountain, it is a joy to see the participants in the Challenge Week event enjoying mobility and excitement in snow sports even more than I do.   Hats off  to the trainers and support staff  who dedicate their time and assistance to work with the Challenge Week participants.
   We have had a some pretty rough conditions this past week but I have seen amputees and mono ski riders doing a fantastic job coping with the ice and bumps.    Today was the final day of the program.   Apparently there will be a banquet and celebration to wrap up  the week.   As I was leaving today I noticed a number of young volunteers carrying flowers to the banquet hall.   The tables were decorated with ski boot vases of flowers.   Perhaps appropriately only one boot per table.   From left to right below Ryan, Matt, and Dillon were assisting.
Flower Boot
Ryan, Matt and Dillon
    I guess GP Adaptive program always needs volunteers.    I am beginning to think that maybe this geezer should get involved!