Friday, February 5, 2010

Keeping In Touch With Youth

Although I enjoy my associations with geezers, I also find renewal in being around younger people. Skiing with children and grandchildren is a joy. Daughter Yo and fiance Matt will be skiing at GP with me on President's weekend. And I am looking forward to a mid-February trip to Utah to ski with my son, daughter-in-law, grandson and granddaughter. Keeping up with their pace will be a challenge so they will have to run the steeps by themselves.

I hope that I always will have meaningful encounters with young people. Currently I am advising about a dozen engineering students that have entered my department of Biological and Environmental Engineering at Cornell. They are a great group of people from all parts of the U.S. as well from beyond our borders. It is a gift to meet a new crop of bright and talented 18-20 year olds and hopefully impart some wisdom to aid their journey to the engineering profession. It is good to get a fresh perspective on the opportunities life brings.

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