Friday, February 19, 2010

Snowbird - Day Two - Geezer Adapts

Snowbird is humbling to this old geezer skier. More terrain and challenge than this old guy can consume. I notice that there are relatively few skiers of my decade of life so I guess I can be happy that I am on the hill. I scaled down my expectations today and went to an area within my range of abilities and concentrated on just enjoying being on the hill. Had a good laugh with the ticket lady this morning. I asked her if she had a ticket for a tough old geezer skier and this amused her. She then seemed to think I was in the 65 to 69 category and was appropriately amazed that I was 74. Even though I am comfortable with geezerhood, it is nice to be viewed as a somewhat younger person.

Had some good early morning runs on the intermediate terrain and some offshoots on more difficult terrain. More adapted to the altitude in the second day and the pacing made it a very enjoyable day. Had a great morning break with a quality heated cinnamon bun and great coffee. Not quite as good as my usual apple fritter that my wife buys by the dozen.

Colin, Bobby and I met up for lunch and solved most of the world's problems in our conversations before we went off for our afternoon runs. I went over to the teaching area and enjoyed some different terrain. Wrapped up the afternoon about 4:00 PM and got down the mountain by 5:00PM.

It's mellow time now at the condo. Family dynamics will change with arrival of daughter-in-law Abby and grandchildren Jenny and Cole. Looking forward to a new ski dynamic with an extended group on the hill. It is always interesting to observe family group dynamics on the ski slope. We certainly will be multi-generational.

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