Monday, February 8, 2010

Tuned Skis

I must confess that I am a lackadaisical caretaker of my skis. Tuning my skis on a regular basis has never been my strong point. So Saturday I took my skis in for a sharpen and wax job after about 70 days of skiing on them. When I picked them up this morning, Jim Pirko said they really needed tuning. He was right. What a difference on the hard and icy snow surface. Edges were holding great. However, this was a great snow day. Overnight about two to four inches of powder. Still could find untracked areas into the afternoon.

I guess I better get over my laziness for ski tuning. Thankfully we have a great ski technician in Jim P. who can restore things to almost new performance.

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Pat and Bev said...

I do my own about every 10 days. Kind of enjoyable once you get the basic equipment and learn how. Takes me about 15 minutes to do a pair.