Thursday, October 31, 2013

Rainy Day Beauty

   A day or so ago I saw a Facebook post of a series of Cornell Campus photos.   Every photo was taken either during a sunny or rain free day.    On my morning commute to the Cornell campus, the rain was coming down in torrents and the wind was blowing water spray and leaves and swaying the trees.  I drifted into a muse about the possible beauty of a rainy day over a sunny dry day.   
  It was satisfying to identify all kinds of pleasing sights.   The patterns of rain on each of the windows of the car were different.  The side windows were dotted with raindrops of different configurations.  The windshield drops were huge splotches interrupted by the sweep of the wipers.   The rear window had rivulets of water streaking from top to bottom.    I could even appreciate the whooshing clouds of spray erupting from the wheels of the passing semis.   (Even if it did cloud my vision ahead).   The sparkle of headlights in the rain provide a unique illumination of my surroundings.
   Even though there were gray skies and lowered light, the late autumn trees with golden and tan leaves added some color to the otherwise subdued background.   Needless to say, I was thoroughly entertained on my commute.   The brown fields of mature corn seemed to stand tall against the falling rain although the drooping ears were like hands shoved in pockets.   
   Upon arriving on campus, I took few moments to photograph my surroundings; first from my car and later on foot.   I tried to capture the essence of the beauty one can see in a rainy day.   Patterns, dripping trees, leaf filled pools.  Each day can bring an uplifting experience if one has the right perspective.
    I do love sunny days but also know I can enjoy the rainy ones too.   Of course I do get a bit grumpy when I have rain on my ski slope in mid winter!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Social Dynamics of Ski Lifts

  The November issue of Ski Magazine arrived today with a focus on family skiing and skiers.  I was particularly taken with an article entitled "Just the Two of Us" by  Megan Michelson.   She was lamenting the replacement of a the Gad 2 double chair lift at Snowbird with a new high speed quad.
Her concern is tied in with the loss of camaraderie of just two people on a ride up the mountain.  Two people on a lift, be it long time friends or simply strangers,  seem to share a lot in the isolation  of their ride.   However, with a quad ride there are many more complexities of relationships and exchanges that minimize more meaningful sharing beside the pleasantries of the day.
   With the installation of the new quad chair at Greek Peak, I can see that same thing happening with the geezer skier group.   In groups of four there is less likely to be a sharing of significant happenings and feelings.   Yes, geezer guys do have feelings that they often need to express.
   With the intrusion of smart phones, iPods and other electronic devices we have lost a lot of one on one communication.   Perhaps the double chair is the last bastion of a venue for meaningful conversation between old friends and also new acquaintances.   While I will enjoy the new quad at Greek Peak, I will also enjoy the double chair rides with close friends and the opportunity to get to know new people as well.  Just like Megan says in her article faster and bigger is not always better for the social dynamics of the ride.
Talk to Your Partner!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Construction Sights

  Last Saturday I made a visit to Greek Peak to see the progress with the renovations and the installation of a new ski lift.  To say the least the base area had the chaotic look typical of a project in mid completion.   Equipment of various kinds were on the site.  Piles of dirt were scattered about along with massive piles of stones.   The walls of one building for the snow making operation produced a skyline obscuring the view up the slope.   All of this activity was framed by the colorful leaves of the trees on the slopes.
   All of us who have been long time skiers at Greek Peak are in awe of the effort being made to upgrade the area.  A new lift will be welcome relief and I also hear that our lockers have been painted.  In addition I also hear that there will be renovated bathrooms.  Wow!   We geezers are indeed thrilled with the arrival of new owners and their commitment to making Greek Peak a superior facility in Central New York.  Kudos!
   Here's good wishes for a great 2013-14 season!   And best wishes for smooth completion of all the projects.
Love That Equipment

New Dam for Snowmaking Water in Foreground

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Feeling Good

  Autumn is a beautiful time of the year in Central New York.   Bright sunshine, bright colors and refreshing air coupled with magnificent vistas has to make one feel good.   This feeling was heightened for me earlier this week when I was on my morning commute to the Cornell Campus.
The sun was bright.  The sky was clear.  And there was a morning mist hanging in the valleys surrounded by hills with leaves of myriad colors.   Essentially all of my senses were engaged in feeling good.  Not only was my vision engaged but I had also tuned into a satellite radio broadcast of a Haydn symphony.   With all the senses engaged I could not help but reflect to myself that this is as good as it gets!
  That sense of well being and appreciation of my surroundings has continued for the remainder of this week.   A walk to lunch on campus today revealed a host of different colored trees and several gorgeous flower beds.  My evening constitutional walk throughout my neighborhood exposed me to gorgeous trees on our local golf course.   And as I write this, I am reminded of the nuances of colors and textures of corn and soybean crops at this time of the year too.   Perhaps there is the stirring of an artistic nature in my soul.   Whatever that might be, I am feeling good!  
Campus Colors

Statler Hotel Flowers

Golfers View

Walden Oaks Neighborhood