Monday, February 22, 2010

Hero Snow Day at Snowbird

Although we didn't have much of a fresh snowfall overnight, Snowbird had some great conditions today. Lots of groomers for the geezer to intermediate crowd including some steeps. The sun was bright and the visibility was superb. I truly enjoyed feeling comfortable on my skis all day. Somewhat late start but plenty of day for me and the family got into some great spots on the steeps, trees and bowls. We all had a great time and left the area after the the lifts closed.

I have learned the pacing the my body will stand at the altitude of over 10,000 feet. An hour of skiing followed by a half hour break works well for me. The breaks can consist of refreshment, lunch or phone calls home to break up the day.

Small crowds on a week day which may not be good for the business but was great for those of us that were there. Ran into a couple of geezers at coffee break who were just getting oriented to the area. After three days at Snowbird I was able to give them some good advice about geezer terrain. They had not heard about the 70+ Club so I filled them in. Also told them about the Tough Old Geezer Skier group of Greek Peak. We had a few laughs about the advantage of geezerhood for Snowbird tickets. Seventy and over at half price during mid week. We'll take all we can get.

Bought a souvenir T-Shirt with a trail map logo. I'll wear it to inform friends about the trails I skied. Allen, you will have to tolerate the graphics this time.

My time to treat the family to dinner. Looking forward to mellow evening and early to bed. We are off to Snowbaisin to ski tomorrow. I am told that it is a friendly area with significant intermediate terrain.. It is an hours drive away so we hope to have a early start.

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