Sunday, February 21, 2010

Another Day at Alta

Alta has a lot of terrain that is appropriate to geezer skiers. I recognize there are still geezer skiers that look for the black diamond challenges, but there a many of us who are still in the mold of lesser challenges. As I have adapted to the altitude I am comfortable on some of the more challenging slopes but still like the less challenging terrain runs. And there are plenty of them at Alta including open bowls and wide traverses.

My family took off to the more challenging slopes today and I had a chance to explore on my own. It was fun to explore a plethora of blues off a multitude of chair lifts. We had a late start and a late lunch and by 4:00 PM I was burned out. Chilled out at the Cafe at the bottom of the Collins lift until we all gathered for another ride down the Canyon Road arriving home at the condo by 6:00 PM. We had a long trek to the car since we were at the far end of the parking lot.

Had some interesting conversations with strangers on the lifts as well. Met a 67 year old of Korean origin from Atlanta. He was on his first day and adapting to the altitude. He had a son who graduated from Cornell and later received his MD. So we shared some of our appreciation for the Finger Lakes Area. For the most part I am convince there a relatively few 70+ people on the mountain.

Dinner is in progress now and granddaughter Jenny is cooking. A good day at the big hills but also it will be good to get home later this week. I enjoy being with the younger crowd, but it would be good to ski with some geezer companions who operate more at my pace.

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