Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Olympic Experience

The 2010 Winter Olympics are almost here. Saturday February 13 will bring the opening ceremonies in Vancouver. I have only attended one Winter Olympics in my life, the 1980 Lake Placid event. After a bus ride from Lake Placid parking to the mountain and a trek up to the slalom course, we was able to watch Phil Mahre win the silver medal(photo is Mahre on the course). Our observation post was on the fence about half way down the course and about 20 feet from the gates. We had to be aggressive to maintain our position on the fence. As I remember there were a number of Japanese press photographers attempting to elbow their way into our spots. Daughter Tange and son Colin along with their dad held sway. It was a memorable day for all of us. I still have the slides I took that day.

Late in the day we began the long ride back to Dryden, New York in a raging blizzard with the radio tuned to the USA - Russian hockey game. That too, was a memorable time. Thirty years later in the geezer years, it is good to recall the joy of the past. But it is also exciting to look forward to watching another Winter Olympics - be it only via television.

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