Thursday, August 18, 2022

The Right to Vote For Women

   Today is the anniversary of the 1920 ratification of the 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote in the United States.  I am stunned and reminded that it took so long to grant this right to women.   My mother was born in 1906 and by 1920 she was a teenager.   I wonder what her thoughts were when this landmark event occurred?  Or did she even hear about it?   Thankfully as an adult she did have the right to express her opinion at the polls.   All this makes me wonder about the blind spots in our nation today where we perpetrated injustice against certain groups.   In the turmoil of today's corrupt attempts to manipulated the electoral process I sense that we as nation may succumb to the kind of thinking that potentially could have denied my mother the right to vote!  

    In our last presidential election we suffered the inane claims of voter fraud by election results deniers.   Today we are still dealing with fraudulent claims of misdeeds.  Worse than that we see an orchestrated effort by one party to take over the mechanisms to verify the vote by electing officials they can control.   I feel that I am in peril of losing my country to fascist factions that will negate the will of the people.  I hope I am wrong.  I pray that the precious right that my mother was able to exercise in her lifetime will not be abrogated by a minority faction.

Thursday, August 11, 2022

Mountaintop Wedding

    How appropriate for a geezer skier that a granddaughter choses a mountaintop for her wedding!   Granddaughter Jenny wedded Scotty at the top of Sugarbush this past weekend.  One hundred and eighty family and friends were ferried by lift to the wedding venue setting in a lovely green meadow.   Some non-skiers had trepidations about riding the lift.   However, the lift crew was excellent and allayed any fears one might have.   There were two guests that got the VIP treatment with a truck ride up via an access road.  Both were gimped a bit.  One by age and another in recovery from a fractured leg skiing in Utah this last season.  Although I have ridden a lift thousands of times, I can't remember every riding one down the mountain!  Even for me that was a unique experience.  

    Jenny's extended family is dominated by the skiing virus so it couldn't be more appropriate to have the wedding at a ski resort.   

    It was quite a hot day but as soon as the ceremony was completed the men were quick to shed their coats.   The ladies had the advantage of summery dresses which were much cooler.    The ceremony was custom made by the bride and the officiants.  The officiants were friends of the bride and groom who had introduced them several years ago.  They wrote their own vows which were touching and meaningful. 

    The reception and dinner afterward was a complete blast.   One of my favorite moments was when we danced the Hora!  In the Jewish tradition this dance is joyful celebration with great enthusiasm.  The bride, the groom and both parents of the bride and groom get to be lifted aloft in a chair by the groomsmen and other stalwart guys.  There was a breathtaking highlight when Ron, the  father of the groom not only got lifted while seated in the chair but also was agile enough to even stand up on the chair, as if he was surfing.   It was the highlight of the Hora!  

    All in all it was a most remarkable time.   Nancy and I knew enough to retire relatively early from the festivities.  The next day I learned that some were up til the wee hours.  This geezer is beyond that amount of celebration. 

    Father of the bride Colin said to me before the wedding that he was looking forward to assembling the whole family in joyful harmony for this occasion.   He and wife Abby along with the bride and groom and others  certainly accomplished their goal.    I am so grateful to survive long enough to see the next generation move on in their lives.

The Ride Down


Lift Mates on the Ride Up. 
Left to right.  Matt (Son-in-law), Daughter, Viki, Wife, Nancy