Sunday, February 7, 2010

On Becoming

After skiing for over 42 year I am still working on becoming a better skier. I notice the same is true for many of my tough old geezer skier group. We all have a passion for learning more about skiing and improving our capabilities. We study new developments in skiing technique and the equipment changes that affect our style. It is an effort to move on to some level of perfection. Fortunately or unfortunately, reaching the nirvana of a perfect run each time down the slope is unattainable. However this aspiration is still valuable.

I think we all are in the process of becoming improved in all aspects of our life. Many of you who have read this blog have complimented me on my prose. However, I am still working on becoming a better writer. In the process of becoming better in whatever we do or improvement in attitude or behavior we need to pause and thank all that have been a part of our improvement. Accolades go to my wife Nancy for her editorial and grammatical input to my blogs. Her training as an English teacher benefits me daily.

Although many of us are in our senior years there is no reason why we should not continue becoming better in many things we are and do. Seeking new opportunities to improve keep us young at heart.

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