Sunday, February 28, 2010

Extreme Skiing - Extreme Skiers

Today's Sunday paper had an article about a person hooked on heli-skiing. Going by helicopter to untracked territory and skiing the extremes of cliffs, steeps and trees. An expensive proposition costing about $7000-10,000 per trip. As I reflect on the risks involved, I expect I should be happy that I never achieved the skill level to take off on such adventures and test of the limits of safety. He mentioned in his interview that he had broken ribs and cracked a leg bone in some of these adventures.

Through my son, I have vicariously experienced skiing the extremes and helicopter adventures. He has provided me videos and pictures of his journeys that provide breathtaking evidence of extraordinary terrain During my stay with him in Utah this past week he was often off to the highest point of the terrain in Alta, Snowbird and Snowbasin skiing narrow and steep openings in the mountain. Climbing to the highest points beyond the lifts was his routine. I also have to admire that 11 year old son and 15 year old daughter were tagging along. I must say that I do issue a prayer for their safety. They are truly advanced expert skiers - the product of starting young and having excellent instruction but there is always a possible mistake that can be truly disastrous.

In this blog today you will see a picture of two aspiring tough old geezer skiers to be who are expert extreme skiers. Bobby Dwore on the left and Colin on the right. May they have many more safe adventures continue their skiing adventures into their dotage.

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