Saturday, January 30, 2021

Pandemic Change: Changing Geezer Skiing Dynamics

     This has been an unusual ski season.  The pandemic has changed our ski routines in many different ways.   Of course the need to mask up is essential.  As an old guy  I often find myself challenged to suck in enough air.  Fortunately on the slope runs I can pull the mask down to improve  air flow.  

    This is the year I miss the companionship of several of my contemporaries.  More than one has  left the sport for one reason or another.  Time takes it toll on the body simply by aging.  However others have developed health issues that preclude the safe participation in skiing.  For some of them I hope that these issues will be corrected and they will return to join me on the slopes.  Another change in socialization is the elimination of our coffee breaks for the few of us that are still skiing.  Unfortunately it is a weak substitute to have occasional gatherings seriously social distanced.   The outcome is to simply skip the coffee break and ski right though the morning and have an  early departure for my age group.  It's a bit challenging on this old body but in some ways I am really enjoying the change.  (Note this comment comes after just completing  an hour nap).  

    Perhaps we are coming to the end of an era.  Is it time for a new generation to step up and replace our crew?   Is it the tough old geezer group's responsibility to help the youngsters to transition?   Probably it is the responsibility of the younger crew to find their own way.   Meanwhile I have had the good fortune to ski a lot this seasonwith a some 20 year younger friend, Tim.   From this I have learned that it is a good idea to ski with a younger and better skier!   I don't really expect to stay with him on all aspects of his adventure in the trees and in the steep powder runs, but by watching him I know I have improved my skiing.  Probably the best thing a geezer can do is to spend some time with the younger generation of good skiers.   He does tempt me to go into the trees.   Thankfully I resist and wisdom takes over.  I do know my limits.

    This pandemic will pass as I hope as well the the idiocy in our political structure.   I am hopeful if not optimistic that these burdens will be lifted.   Meanwhile I will strive to be grateful for the many blessings that have been bestowed on me in this life.   As one of my professional colleagues would say, "Keep smiling".