Saturday, June 11, 2016

A Tribute to Pret Goslee -Toughest of Geezer Skiers

   Memorial day May 30, 2016 marks the passing of an extraordinary man and an intrepid geezer skier Preston "Pret" Goslee.   Pret continued to ski even at age 95 on his birthday in March of 2015.   I was blessed to be with him and his family on that occasion!
     On this day June 11, 2016 friends and family gathered for a memorial service to pay tribute to this man who led an exemplary life that we could all wish to emulate.   Family and friends (and many ski companions) memorialized his life in prayer, singing and  verbal accolades at the Homer Avenue United Methodist Church of Cortland, New York.   There were stories of his intrepid volunteer work for the community,  his dedication to support of his family, and his world war II service.    And his Masonic fraternity benefited from his 65 years of service.
    Although Pret would be described physically as one of shorter stature and lesser weight,   he was an vigorous outdoors man enjoying not only skiing, but body surfing in the ocean,  and vigorous hiking.   He consistently challenged his family to keep up with him.   Notably, he was a dedicated family man, much beloved by hiss daughters Patrice and Linda.    His devotion to his wife of 66 years Nita was impeccable and an exemplary model of sustaining a long and loving marriage.
Patrice Goslee Fortier, Nita Goslee, and Matthew

Heymering, Linda Goslee Heymering, Matt Fortier

A Table of Ski Companions and Spouses

   Although he was brought into skiing by his daughters after they started,  he attacked the activity with discipline and passion.  At one time he placed 3rd at the National NASTAR Championships in Park City, Utah.  Although Greek Peak was his home base,  he routinely celebrated skiing in Vermont, Maine, Colorado, Utah, and Europe.
    Our gathering today was one of celebration and mourning.   We will sorely miss the gentle but strong man who contributed so much to his country, family and community.   We will long carry with us the model of a long life well lived.
For his skier community of Greek Peak he will always remain the dean of the tough old geezer skiers.   God bless you Pret and whatever heavenly ski slopes there might be, I'm sure you will show them how its done.

Pret in his Glory at the Shore