Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Small Pleasures

     As I reflect on the past few weeks, I think about the small pleasures in life.  A fulfilling life does not need epic events.   There are a host of things that bring contentment, entertainment and satisfying social interactions.   

    Yesterday we had a great visit with an old friend going back at least 35 years.  It was especially poignant since he is now in Hospice care with who knows how long to live.  We had a very up beat afternoon.  His cheerful enthusiasm for life remaining and contentment in his lot was inspiring.  What a joy to share old memories and times with him.

    Another small pleasure come to mind in my watching the Little League World Series.   It is heartwarming to see these 10 to 12 year olds play their heart out and even in loss can be gracious to to their opponents.  It is  especially nice to see the victors be gracious in acknowledging the opposing players.  Competition in this form is so much more satisfying than watching the pros.

    As many of my geezer skier friends know, I have a daily apple fritter with my morning coffee!  It continues to be one of my little pleasures of life that comes each day.   

    A couple of days ago my wife and I hiked in a small park on the Erie Canal.   There were multiple pleasures on that day.   An idyllic pastoral scene of the placid canal waters.  Even getting to the park was satisfying as we took country roads rather than the interstates.  The area was a verdant panorama of maturing crops surrounded by woodlands over rolling hills.

    In few short months the ski slopes will open and it will be pleasurable to glide down the trails and take in the snow covered surroundings.  As I move into my later years I am focusing simply on the joy of being there.

    Yes, life can have the big ups as well as the big downs but I feel fortunate to be aware that I can soak up the good small things that happen all the time.