Monday, March 29, 2010

New Routine

Without a ski day I am off to my Cornell office to catch up on things neglected during the ski season. Caught up on some e-mail and volunteer work and then began the vetting of a Ph.D. thesis. I find that my analytical skills are still there and was quickly engrossed in critiquing the claims and processes to reach the conclusions. A little rusty on statistical analysis so I did some research and review in that area.

Received e-mails from my Vermont children bringing me up to date on their family activities. I was amazed to hear that my full time working son has managed to get in 73 days of skiing so far. He surely has used all his vacation time plus to get to that number. He may well get to 80 before the season is over. Maybe we are genetically disposed to being skiers.

The "honey do" list is building so I better get at all those delayed tasks soon. Top soil to be spread on the garden, yard to be straightened up and who knows what else. Whatever the case Nancy and I will soon be on the tennis court on a regular basis. That is priority one.

My 75th birthday is coming soon - April 11. Sunday I received an early gift of breath taking proportions. A new iMac computer that has fabulous capability for working with videos and photographs as well as the other mundane things. Looking forward to creating a family history in pictures.

It is good to have projects and keep learning. Buzz Aldrin is on Dancing With The Stars and learning fancy dance steps at age 80. Nancy and I took ballroom dancing a few years ago so I know what it is like to learn new steps. I'll need to brush up on my dancing before August and September since I will need to do the father and daughter dance with the two brides.

I guess life has more variety than routine even as we mature.

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