Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hope for Another Day This Season

I surfed the web to the Bristol Mountain Ski Resort site today and discovered they are still open. Also their web cam shows a pretty significant base from their extensive snow making. Due to another meeting tomorrow I will have to wait to Thursday to try their spring skiing conditions.
It is about a 75 mile one way trip of about one and a half hours. I will enjoy a survey of the agriculture in between and put on some good big band tunes to keep me entertained.

Bristol's high speed quad gives you a lot of time on the slope for a four hour ticket. I am sure that it will be a welcomed help in my transition to other activities.

Today was fully occupied with volunteer activities in follow up to yesterdays meeting and trashing a years accumulation of superfluous papers and files. Tomorrow will be filled with a breakfast in Jamesville with my old geezer buddies from the Fayetteville United Methodist Church. They are the ROMEO's (Retired Older Men Eating Out). The social equivalent of the Tough Old Geezer Skiers. They are all SU basketball fans and as a Cornell alumnus I will take the opportunity to crow about our advance to the Sweet Sixteen.
The remainder of the day will be filled with vetting a PhD thesis and a meeting in Cicero. Paying penance so I can go skiing on Thursday.

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Pat and Bev said...

Gerry-I have a free all-day pass to Bristol that you're welcome to use. I'm not going to get there. The pass was given to me by John & Midge Burns. Give me a call; 749-5320.