Saturday, March 13, 2010

Story Telling Geezer Skiers

Another interesting spring skiing day at Greek Peak. A windy day with light showers but better ski conditions than the last few days. Snow is beginning to corn up and be more consistent.

Longer breaks are now typical in the rhythm of the ski day. Today was a particularly interesting coffee break with the Rochester gang. Pete, John, Larry and Tom entertained me with highlights of their group adventures at Whistler-Blackcomb and other venues such as white water rafting. They are a no whining group. If you injure yourself, suck it up and keep on going. Even when you break a leg as Larry once did.

My wife asked me what we talked about when I saw her at home. As I described our conversations, she said it sounded like typical guy talk. I guess she is right.

Storytelling is an art that most guy's strive to perfect. In a group one story leads into another and on and on into more stories. Garrison Keillor the great NPR, Prairie Home Companion story teller says that timing is the trick. Know when to chime in and know when to be quiet. Today the rhythm was really there. For over an hour we had the ebb and flow of a great story telling session. I guess story telling on a day of marginal ski conditions ranks almost as high as being on the hill.

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