Wednesday, March 10, 2010

TOGS Ski Toggenburg

It was a pleasure to join several Tough Old Geezer Skiers at Togggenburg today for sun lit runs on well groomed slopes. Thanks to Pat Ryan for arranging this adventure. Bob, Dick, Pat and I arrived about 9 AM and were soon on the slopes. Toggenburg is a small area but has excellent terrain for geezers and intermediate skiers. Dick is an early learner of the ski trade and was initially challenged by the conditions. However, after adjusting his boots he was soon moving down the hill with confidence and control. Hats off to Dick for rapidly becoming a competent novice on the hill. I am sure he is soon to be an avid skier. Pat is a great guide and helper to both novice and expert.

Conditions remained good throughout the morning as we went from perfect grooming to cornlike snow later in the day. We continued to enjoy the ambiance of the area through our coffee/hot chocolate break and a late lunch. Tog is a very friendly area that makes you feel at home. There are several changes to the slope usage since I was there a year or so ago. A slope that once was simply an easy trail has now been completely transformed into a multi-faceted terrain park. Tt was marked with an extraordinary array of features for boarders and skiers. More features than I have seen in any central New York ski area.

It was good to see and talk to Tom Buckley and Walt Shepard, veteran ski patrollers that I got to know some years ago. Both of them emphasized their view that helmets save lives and injuries. One of their colleagues hit a tree and split his helmet and not his head. He is living testimony for helmet use.

It was good to ride the lift with Bob O. and talk skiing technique and other major life issues. His suggestion about lifting the downhill ski to help initiate the turn was a revelation to me. I found it remarkably helpful in helping me to control speed.

After a late lunch in the sun compliments of Pat R. we were on our way home basking in a great geezer skiing day. See the picture above as proof that we were there.

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