Monday, March 15, 2010

Late Season Blues

Another spring skiing day at Greek Peak. Corn snow today that got softer as the day progressed. Tonight I checked last season's ski diary to find the last day I skied at GP last year was March 21. That was followed by a day a Bristol and a day at Song. I expect that this Sunday will be the last day at GP in view of the anticipated temperatures.

Early this morning I was the first and only skier other than the ski patrol on the mountain. Later a couple of other skiers appeared. As the day progressed a few more skiers appeared. No geezers in attendance. Only a few aspiring geezers showed up.

Had a long coffee break with Larry and Dick. We explored issues of waning church attendance and the disappearance of the many college age students from the congregations. This seems to be the issue across all denominations and both Protestant and Catholic.

The skiing took a lot of energy and I was satisfied to wrap it up at 1:00 PM. Perhaps there will be grooming tonight. So, it is time to think of other things to do. I don't think that will be a problem since I have a Ph.D. Thesis to vet for a student that I have been advising over the last few years. Time to be productive?

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