Saturday, March 27, 2010

It's a Wrap - Goal Achieved

Another day of spring skiing at Greek Peak. Surprisingly cold with temperatures ranging from the low 20's into the 30's. Frozen granular snow was the norm for the slopes, even into the afternoon. The three slopes open provided sufficient variety for a good day of skiing.

Very few geezers appeared for next to the last day expected for the Greek Peak season. Gene, Bob, Larry two, and Tom were on the hill. Larry M. decided to pass up the opportunity today to prepare for his Sunday deck party. I was the only customer for mid morning coffee.

Now that I have achieved my 90 ski day goal for the season I am satisfied to clean and store the gear in preparation for the next season. In general I find it motivating to have goals and plans. Looking forward to the tennis season and the Senior Games in June. Both my wife and I plan to compete. She will compete in women's tennis doubles and I will plan to compete in men's singles. The goal of course is to at least medal if not win it all in our age groups. Regardless, the fun of competition is sufficient pay off in itself.

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Pat and Bev said...

Good on you Gerry. Have a great Summer.