Thursday, April 1, 2010

Busy Transition

I have been so busy since skiing finished last weekend that I almost don't miss being on the slopes. Amazingly Greek Peak plans to be open on Saturday for a day of skiing on two slopes that still have snow. I am not even tempted since we are enjoying 70 plus weather and we were able to enjoy tennis on the outside courts at SUNY Cortland.

Holy Week has kept us busy with two Seder related events at church. Inspiring events melding the Jewish tradition with the Christian beliefs. We Christians after all all are a continuation of the prophesies of the old Testament. It is just that we believe that the Messiah has already come. It is notable that some Jews have continued their traditions and have also embraced Jesus as the Messiah. Whatever our beliefs, I hope we all can join together in attempting to make this a better world.

Looking forward to the Easter celebration. Nancy will be participating in the services and we always finds this the high point of the holy year. Afterwards we have reservations for Brunch at the Acorn restaurant at Greek Peak Hotel and Resort. Maybe Nancy will get to see the great spa they have and admire the hotel decor and architecture.

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