Sunday, March 21, 2010

Not Over Until its Over

Greek Peak was showing a lot of bare spots today and several trails have been closed. It looks like the season is over, though there is tentative hope for opening on the weekend. With rain predicted I doubt that the area will have enough snow left for the coming weekend. I still have a goal of 90 days on the slopes and have three to go. Looks like it will be a stretch to find snow for the remaining three days.

There was quite good spring skiing today though there were areas where you had to pick the best snow and line. Hercules had huge soft moguls. Most of the other slopes had some moguls as well.

I think I was the only geezer skier on the slope today. Most of my buddies have hung it up for the season and moved on to their golf season. I am looking forward to getting outdoors on the tennis courts and sharpening my game in time for the Senior Games in June.

This is a time to change routine and adapt my schedule to do other things. I guess it is good news that I have a couple of days of meetings this week in the Syracuse area. In addition it is time to do some of the household chores and house and grounds maintenance that I have put off.

Now is the time to shift to commentary on other geezer related activities. I'll be looking for inspiration.

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