Friday, March 12, 2010

Where Are the Geezers?

Another day of spring conditions at Greek Peak. A few groomed paths were a relief from the more challenging bumpy and somewhat sticky surfaces of the non-groomed trails. Only a few geezers showed up and I was surprised to see almost 90 year old Pret on the hill. Larry and I had a more or less enjoyable morning alternating between a groomed path and the more challenging slopes. It was our penance to do the non-groomed so we could follow the groomed path on the next run. I was amazed to find that I wanted to stop for a rest part way down.

It was a pleasure to swap stories with Larry and to meet some of his family. Daughter, son-in-law and a couple of grandchildren. We mutually shared our appreciation for our families.

We look forward to a shift to corn snow. Maybe the anticipated rain will help the transitions. Meanwhile we hope for some colder weather to at least extend the season for a couple of weeks.

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