Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Gaggle of Geezers

Just like a gaggle of geese, there was a gaggle of geezers on the slope today. Groomers and bright sunshine and warm temperatures increased the geezer population at Greek Peak today. We all enjoyed the hero snow conditions well into the day. Even by 1:00 PM the skiing conditions remained very comfortable.

The posted picture shows a group at the top of Chair 1A early in the morning. From left to right, Gerry, Bob, Bob, Pat, and Dick. Not shown but on the hill for the day were, Allen, Frank, Cliff, Gene, Roger, Andy, Jim(Scooch), Otto, another Bob, and Tom(Stash). I probably missed a few, but much of the old gang was there. Followers help me out with others I may have missed in my list.

In a few more days most of us will scatter to our off season activities. As I see it after April 1 it will only be about 36 weeks until the beginning of next season. The memories of these last days on the spring groomers will have to sustain us until then.

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