Monday, March 22, 2010

I'd Rather Be Skiing

Today was the first day of a revised schedule for my post ski season life. An all day meeting in Cicero, NY working on the issues of combining four church conferences into one Upper New Conference. I am participating in my role as President of the North Central New York Conference Trustees and especially leading the development of a comprehensive insurance program for the combined conferences. It is quite a change to go from roaming the ski slopes for most of the day to sitting in an all day session.

As I sit here listening to the rain and wind on the window, it is obvious that any hope of skiing at Greek Peak this weekend is quashed. My lovely wife was kind enough at dinner tonight to suggest that she could understand it if I needed to go off on a three day trip to reach my goal of skiing 90 days this season. Although this is a tempting offer of release, I am ready to move on. My last day on Sunday was a good end to the season. I am extremely grateful to have skied 87 days without any form of injury or significant fall. Now is the time to pick up my connection with my volunteer work at Cornell.

And for all of you Big Red basketball and hockey fans - Go Cornell! Best of luck against Kentucky for the great basketball team. And for men's hockey - see you at the Frozen Four. Congratulations for your ECAC championship.

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