Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hero Snow Day -Old Geezers Remembered

A fantastic day on the slopes at Greek Peak. Six to eight inches of new snow - mostly powder and the temperature hovering around 10 F. Great first tracks in the morning and still untracked spots in the afternoon. As one companion on the ride up said, "It's hero snow!"

Had a couple of chair rides with Carmen in the morning. We had a good time recalling a couple of geezer friends that no longer ski at GP. We fondly remember Bob Jenkins who passed away a year or so ago. Bob was a great guy who was a great skier and a great person. He had skied all over the world and the U.S. and I always enjoyed stories of his ski adventures. His philosophy for the tough skiing was pointer down the hill and go. I well remember the one day we did that in a heavy crusted untracked Olympian trail. Bob ended up on his nose. When he didn't show up at the lift I had to ski the same crud to see if he was all right.

We also remembered Jim Melia who now resides in State College, Pennsylvania. Jim would come into the lodge on many a day when we were having coffee and boast about the great stashes of deep snow he discovered in the woods or the edge of a rarely skied trail. We all thought they were exaggerations. So the joke in hearing reported snowfall was to ask whether it was true inches of depth or Melia inches.

All this reminds me that the geezer group at GP keeps changing. We will have to keep recruiting as some pass away or move. All you have to do is survive at least three score and keep on skiing.

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