Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lift Attendants - Unsung Heroes

Essential personnel for operation of a ski area includes lift attendants. They probably are the persons of most frequent contact with the ski public at the area. Likely they are also the least appreciated persons. At Greek Peak we have some great people serving as lift attendants. For those of us that ski many days a week, it is a pleasure to be greeted as an old friend and to exchange pleasantries as the day starts and as it progresses. It is not easy to stand out in the cold hour after hour watching the progression of chairs and constantly loading the assembly line of people. These folks also have to be alert to the occasional ski tip caught or a dropped pole, or an awkward novice. In addition some of us more senior folks get distracted too and may need assistance.

So as my friend Pat Ryan reminded me this morning, let us be more appreciative of their service. Geezer skiers I leave it to you to find ways to express your appreciation. Pat brings them donuts on occasion. I make a mean batch of brownies so that's on my to do list for next week.

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