Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Geezer Friendly Ski Areas

I received my 70+ Ski Club newsletter today with a listing of the lift ticket benefits for senior skiers. Nice to know that there are over 100 areas that offer free skiing and 300 that give seniors a break. A geezer friendly ski area is not just identified by ticket cost breaks but also by other attitudes and amenities that seniors enjoy. Among the things I can list that are appealing are,
1. Happy and accommodating lift attendants that give your a smooth transition to the chair.
2. Parking reasonably close to the lodge/lifts or at least transportation from the parking lot boonies.
3. A break on the cost of food/drinks.
4. Special days of free group lessons.
5. A reasonable number of groomers for the physically challenge.

If I were a ski area operator I would be thinking now of how to attract that bulge of baby boomers reaching geezer hood to my ski area. I think this demographic would be a valuable income source and a means of increasing skier days. Many would benefit from a season pass deal since most of us are inclined to ski 3 to 5 hours a day.

Today we had especially good loaders on the lifts. Nice to avoid the whack on the back of the legs!!

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