Friday, January 8, 2010

Geezer Support Group

Coffee talk among the geezer skiers often wanders off into the challenges of the senior years. As the medical statistics show most of us men past 50 develop some sort of prostate problems. Often starting with enlargement and for some progressing into cancer. In one way or another we learn to cope with this ailment and for some of us radical prostatectomy is the solution. As a skier I was fortunate to have a urologist that was also a skier. Often when a 70 plus guy develops prostate cancer the urologist will recommend wait and see or relatively non-invasive treatment. The thought is that something else will get you before the prostate cancer does. However, my doctor offered me the surgery solution. Since I was in good health at that time his attitude was to give me the chance to be hitting the slopes when I was ninety. So five years later I am looking forward to that 90th year fifteen years from now. At my ski area I have a model of this possibility. Skier Pret will be ninety soon and yesterday he was ripping up the slopes. It's good to have a hero for encouragement.

Meanwhile it is good to have a few laughs about our geezer ills and encourage each other to keep on skiing. We don't have to seek out a support group. We already have one. Here's to good health and more laughs.

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