Friday, January 29, 2010

Home Ski Area - Love/Hate Relationship

I first started skiing at Greek Peak in 1968. Although I had skied in on old hickory boards as a kid, I didn't really get into downhill skiing until I was 33. So for the past42 years Greek Peak has been my home ski area. This long history includes children and step children that have learned at the Peak and several of them have gone on to high level of expertise as instructors. Thus the Peak has produced some fond memories of fun and frolic.

There are many other old timers at this area now that skied at the Peak when it opened in 1957. After skiing at the same area for over 40 years you learn to both love and hate the place. Apparently this is common among the locals at any ski area. For a while I skied about half my season at Toggenburg and heard many of the same complaints that I hear at Greek Peak. We know the warts of the place as well as the things we enjoy. I guess when you ski the same area for over 75 days year, there is the potential to become bored. I fight that boredom with skiing a variety of slopes each day and appreciate that the conditions can change from run to run. Also, there is always the opportunity to vary your technique to see what happens.

When I talk with occasional visitors to Greek Peak, I get a refreshed view of the area. About a week ago I was talking with some Long Islanders who are repeat visitors. For them GP is a great family friendly area within comfortable driving distance. For me, I consider myself fortunate to live close to a fun ski area frequented by a gaggle of geezers. We do have our complaints but we are lucky to have this ski area in our backyard.

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