Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tennis Intersects Skiing

Today it was a pleasure to play doubles tennis with a great bunch of tough old tennis geezers. I hope that they aren't offended by the geezer identification. They are a great gentlemen and I have had the good fortune of in the past few months to have been graciously accepted by the group. The most senior of the group, Jim is 93 and holds own along with the youngster 70 and 80 year olds. We enjoy an hour and a half of competitive doubles play with both a few groans and lots of laughs. For me today it was a chance to pursue both of my athletic passions in one day.

Post playing tennis this morning, I hurried home to change gear and travel to the ski slope. Most of my geezer skier friends were near to wrapping up their day when I arrived. However Allan was still going, so I have the pleasure of at least one lift ride and run before he had to go. The recent snowfall was somewhat integrated with the underlying groomed surface so the conditions were variable. However, it was a day to adapt to the variable conditions and experiment with skiing the hill with different styles on each run.

Now that my wife Nancy has become the interim associate pastor at the United Presbyterian Church at Cortland, our life has become even fuller with the interaction with the church community. We indeed are blessed with good tennis, skier and church community friends.
Life is good!!

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