Monday, January 4, 2010

Know Your Limitations

Geezer hood does bring limitations. Most of my buddies are checking out at noon at my local ski area. A few years ago we were gathering for lunch and exchange of stories followed by at least an hour or so of afternoon skiing. Today Otto was the only one of our group out in the afternoon with me. Some get their fix for skiing for the day with morning runs. I am still excited about getting in a few more runs after lunch.
Knowing my own limitations, I hope I will not push myself beyond my safety and health limits. Today was a fabulous day of powder skiing. We were blessed with about 8 inches of really light stuff overnight. I was still finding untracked lines even at 2:00 PM today. I knew enough, however, not to push the umbrella and cut out about 2:30 PM.
For those of us that have had a hard competitive edge all our lives, it continues to be a challenge to back off and just enjoy the ride and quell the desire to conquer the hill. A reminder we don't have to prove anything anymore.
Cheers Geezers!!

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