Friday, January 22, 2010

Which New Ski?

Every time I read the Ski Magazine review of the new skis and boots and other gear I check the qualifications of the reviewers. Typically they are hot shot skiers ranging in age from 30's to perhaps late 50's. They give cutting edge evaluations of the performance of the skis and boots based on their trials with gear in various conditions. As a tough old geezer skier I am wonder if it wouldn't be nice to have a geezer evaluation of the skis. Perhaps some of our contemporaries could give us better insight to which would be the best ski for us than these experts. The producers of skis should consider the geezer market. I notice that many of my geezer friends are frequent buyers of new skis. Some as often as every year a new ski.
Meanwhile, probably the answer for geezers is to demo a range of skis and talk with friends about the skis they are using. I usually seek the advice of my son-in-law and two of my children when I am considering a change. One has a bias for Rossignol and the other Atomic. So right now I have a pair of each. However, there are so many different models, lengths and styles it is a complex business to select a new ski.
Maybe the TOGS should volunteer to rate the new skis for Ski Magazine. I'm sure we would welcome their offer to fly us to the test destination and provide us with a week of test skiing. Any volunteers?


Pat and Bev said...

Count me in!
My two favorite sources for ski reviews are: ($20 year)-and The latter has an on-line equipment issue that comes out every October. My least favorites are Ski and Skiing magazines (although I confess to reading them every year). I am an equipment "junkie" and would be happy to help anyone with ski selection.

Gerry Rehkugler said...

Thanks for the new info. I'll look at these sites to get further perspectives. And I'll pick your brain, Pat.