Tuesday, January 26, 2010


At tennis today my doubles partner tripped, fell on the court and whacked the back of his head. Fortunately he was not knocked out but did see stars. He spent the rest of our tennis time sitting out with ice on his contusion. Our group concluded it might even be good to wear a helmet for tennis.

At this point in my skiing life I would not think of going on the slopes without my helmet. I am an avid advocate for helmet wearing. There are numerous merits for helmet wearing. As today's Syracuse Post-Standard article pointed out, one trip to the emergency room avoided would easily pay for the helmet. As a bald eagle, I also find the warmth of the helmet satisfying and with the venting I am not too hot in the spring. I am convinced that many injuries can be prevented. I well remember one of our TOGS falling without a helmet and getting a significant head cut. That was enough to make him a believer of helmet use.

Among the geezer skiers, I can't identify but one or two hold outs from helmet wearing. The debate whether helmet use should be mandated continues. Fortunately without the mandate the rate of helmet is rising. However, among the most vulnerable group of beginners and the more risk taking teens helmet use is the lowest. Who knows how helmet use will evolve for skiing and boarding. I am betting that at least in some venues helmet use will be mandated. Note that seat belt use in autos has become a mandate, helmets for motorcyclists are legally required in many states, and bicycle helmets for youth are required now. Meanwhile, I will remain a vocal advocate for helmets for skiing and boarding.

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