Sunday, January 10, 2010

Geezer Gear - Retire that Jacket

Geezer skiers have a way of getting attached to a favorite piece of gear. Mostly a jacket that seems to become an old friend. Just the right number of pockets in the right place. A fit that feel like another skin. After a few years, however, the jacket begins to take on the appearance of the garb of a homeless person living on the streets. I have a yellow jacket that I still hang onto because I like it so much. I'll roll it out in the spring when the crud drips off the lifts.
Our friend Bob O. is about to retire one of his jackets and ski buddy Pat R. plans to bring a burn barrel to the slopes so we can have a ritual burning. Great idea. Maybe we all should contribute.
The picture with this blog today gives you a glimpse of the jacket to be retired. I'll get a better picture of it tomorrow so you can fully appreciate its character.

I might further comment that there are a few geezer fashion plates who appear with a different jacket almost on a daily basis. We may not recognize the jacket but everyone will identify themselves by their skiing style. No matter how technically proficient or not proficient one is, everyone has a unique character for their skiing.


Pat and Bev said...

Is he giving the "bird" to us, or the jacket?

Gerry Rehkugler said...

It's amazing what one can see in a picture! Perhaps I better replace this photo with a full shot of Bob's retired jacket.