Friday, March 4, 2011

1st Annual Geezer Skiers Luncheon

   Yesterday we had the 1st Annual Geezer Skiers Luncheon at Hope Lake Lodge of Greek Peak Mountain Resort.   Most of us think it was a smashing success.   About 67 people were in attendance.  The gathering time served to exchange pleasantries and to get to know our fellow skiers and their companions better.   Thanks to the organizational skills of Larry Monheim the entire event went smoothly from reception to program to food to the open forum presented by Al Kryger.

    Larry acting as MC warmed us up with some humor and appropriate remarks.   I had the opportunity to define the categories of geezer skiers from the Aspiring,  to Apprentice to Bona Fide Geezer Skiers.   It also was a time to acknowledge the wonderful spouses and companions that may not ski but act as supporters of Geezer Skiers.   It was also a pleasure to recognize Pret Goslee at age almost 91 as our most senior skier in attendance.   We all aspire to following in his ski boots at Greek Peak.  It was my pleasure on behalf of our group to acknowledge Patrick Ryan as the 2009 Founder of The Tough Old Geezer Skiers.   We wear our name tags as badges of honor due to Pat's inspiration.   We are still working on an appropriate identity for the senior ladies skiers.   The consensus seems to be that they would also be satisfied to be identified as geezer skiers on the slopes but "what happens there stays there".  

   Pat Ryan continued our program with the award of the Sainted Wife's Award to Ruth Bushnell for her support of husband Allen for over 58 years of their marriage and 7 years of courtship.   We also chose to have a respectful moment of tribute to those skiers who have passed on.   It was good to remember their joy of skiing during their lifetime and the many good times we had with them on the slopes.

   Following a blessing led by my wife Rev. Nancy R. we enjoyed our food and fellowship into the remainder of the afternoon.   Al Kryger's summary of the developments at Greek Peak was appreciated as well as the opportunity for a question and answer session.

Andy, Marion, Frank, and Ed

Bob, Dick, and Pat Ryan (Founder of The TOGs)

Gerry, Dick  and Pat

Roger Pellerin and Marion Cutting

Jack and Carole

Larry (MC), ?, Tony

Don Schaeffer

Frank Bonamie and Rev. Nancy R.

Mary and Charles Wilcox
    Thank you all for you interest in this event.   We look forward to the 2nd Annual Geezer Skiers Luncheon in 2012.   Suggestions for the program, possible awards and operation of the event are welcome.  If you would like another take on the luncheon go to my wife's blog   Enjoy!

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